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How Retailers Are Retaining Relevancy

It’s not hard to spot the decline in brick-and-mortar stores. If you were alive in the 90s, you probably remember lounging with a book and listening to the CDs in Borders, testing out the gadgets in Sharper Image, checking out the flat-screen TVs at H.H. Gregg, picking out your next VHS for movie night at […]

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Fintech: Startups vs. Big Banks

Fintech is taking control of the future of finance across the world. There are multiple aspects of financial technology that will be shaping the way we handle the exchange of money. Whether it be transactions from smartphone or advancements in accounting, fintech has full control of how we manage finances in the 21st Century. Adapt […]

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Convenience Over Customer Service? How Online Banks Appeal to a Changing Clientele

There is an unfortunate tradeoff with the implementation of new technology: the more advanced technology becomes, the less personalized our world is as a result. When simple jobs can be performed by robots, as many now can, there’s no need to invest the money into human labor. At certain restaurants, people can place their orders […]

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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Finance

You’ve probably heard of the word fintech before, short for financial technology- just about everyone has these days. It’s usually a trending hashtag on Twitter. However, for those outside the finance sector, your understanding of what financial technology actually is and how it affects the industry may be somewhat limited. I don’t mean to insult […]

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Deceptively Dark Money: The Hidden Dangers of Dark Money

Unless you’re involved in the financial industry or politics, then you may have no idea what dark money even is, but you’ve probably heard the term tossed around by politicians and the media. It sounds like something shady and mysterious that could get the owner into trouble, and that is pretty much exactly what it […]

Jacob Parker Bowles: When Technology Turns Tumultuous

When Technology Turns Tumultuous: 2017 Tech Predictions

Following the Tesco Bank hack in November 2016, many are led to wonder what this breach of security means for the future. On Monday, November 7, Tesco, a major UK bank, reported that over 9,000 customer accounts had been compromised and a total of £2.5 million had been taken from those accounts. This was the […]

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Fast Cash is Like a Quick Draw

A new report from the Harvard Business School equates fast-cash loans for small businesses to the wild west. If you’ve seen episodes of the new HBO show Westworld, then you probably realize the wild west is not a place you want to be. Old-timey westerns like Gunsmoke and Bonanza, or everyone’s favorite cowboy, John Wayne, […]

Jacob Parker-Bowles: Fintech for Everyday People

The Most Useful FinTech Apps for Everyday People

It has become undeniably clear that Fintech is here to stay. Last month, I wrote about how even the notoriously entrenched big banks are getting involved with “disruptive” banking tech and buying, investing in, and creating new fintech apps to feed the growing consumer demand for a new kind of banking, banking that is intuitive, accessible, and designed to integrate seamlessly with everyday life.

Jacob Parker Bowles: Digital Disruption Doesn't have to Mean Disintegration

Digital Disruption Doesn’t Have to Mean Disintegration for Legacy Banks

The banking industry is old — centuries and centuries old. And while banks have certainly developed over the years into economically complex mega-institutions, those developments haven’t always translated into a better deal for the customer. To make matters worse, disatisfaction with banks skyrocketed in the wake of the 2008 crash until it was practically a household topic. In short, banking was ripe for disruption.


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