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Benefits Of Fintech For Small Companies Jacob Parker Bowles

Benefits of FinTech for Small Companies

Financial technology, known as FinTech, is changing the way many small business owners run their companies. Struggling to find financing from lenders and strict regulatory compliance is leading many smaller companies to focus on FinTech.

Transferwise — The Revolutionized International Transfer Jacob Parker Bowles

TransferWise — The Revolutionized International Transfer

Anyone who has ever had to deal with international money transfers, whether through ACH, wire transfers or e-Wallets like PayPal, knows well the extreme headaches, frustrations and steep fees that are a seemingly unavoidable part of doing so. Yet, in a globalized world where it is necessary for businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers to send and […]

Are Macs More Secure Than Pcs Jacob Parker Bowles

Are Macs More Secure Than PCs?

Apple users sometimes brag about their immunity from viruses. After all, for years, rumors have persisted that Mac computers have better security than Windows PCs. For the most part, those claims are false. During the first quarter of 2018, a rash of headlines describing Mac OS malware has attracted attention, making some people question Apple’s […]

Unusual Uses For Blockchain Technology Jacob Parker-Bowles

Unusual Uses For Blockchain Technology

One block at a time, blockchain technology is revolutionizing the way the world sees commerce—as well as a slew of different sectors that one might not even imagine. In a world where many people across various industries are seeing the massive potential of this technology, here are some of the most interesting ways it’s being […]

How To Avoid Fake ICOs Jacob Parker-Bowles

How To Avoid Fake ICOs

It’s hard to avoid hearing about cryptocurrencies these days. Amazing return for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many others tantalize professional and amateur investors alike. Bitcoin’s meteoric rise captured the public’s imagination. Less famously, Ethereum rose from just $8 at the start of 2017 to near $700 in March 2018. Such returns are an investor’s dream […]

Robinhood Makes Cryptocurrency Affordable and Accessible Jacob Parker-Bowles

Robinhood Makes Cryptocurrency Affordable and Accessible

Cryptocurrency is rapidly becoming one of the most popular investments, especially among young people. Dedicated investment platforms that focus on the currencies, such as Robinhood Crypto, are starting to come into use. More than a million people signed up for the platform’s early access program, largely due to the way that it makes trading easy […]

What Is PSD2_ Jacob Parker-Bowles

What Is PSD2?

PSD2 (or the second Payment Services Directive) is a law in the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe that has affected payments since January 2016. All payment service providers (PSPs) were required to adhere to the new policies by January of this year. Although many Europeans may not assume this law affects them, let’s […]

Paying With Your Phone Jacob Parker-Bowles

Paying With Your Phone

Cashless payment alternatives are increasing in popularity, and there are no signs that it will stop. One big breakthrough is the ability to pay with only your phone, through Apple Pay, Android Pay, or the soon-to-be Google Pay. There are definite pros and cons to paying with your phone, for both convenience and security reasons. […]

Altcoins That Are Worth Your Attention Jacob Parker-Bowles

Altcoins That Are Worth Your Attention

When the average person thinks of cryptocurrency, they likely think of Bitcoin. Not only is it the most popular, it is also the most expensive, and some say the most volatile. While most cryptocurrency are tied to Bitcoin, either by using similar code to create it or simply through the market, each coin has its […]

The Cashless Trend

Every day, society is making moves toward becoming more cashless. It started with the wave of debit cards and credit cards making it less necessary to carry cash. Now, with the rise of cryptocurrencies, Apple/Android Pay, and other fintech services, carrying cash on you seems to pose more risk than reward. Today, I want to […]

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