One block at a time, blockchain technology is revolutionizing the way the world sees commerce—as well as a slew of different sectors that one might not even imagine. In a world where many people across various industries are seeing the massive potential of this technology, here are some of the most interesting ways it’s being employed.


As the global geopolitical situation grows increasingly volatile by the day, many are working on ways to institute blockchain technology into the voting system. Providing a way to keep votes safe, experts believe that blockchain will play a significant role in the future of voting.

Worker Productivity

With many employees now distracted by a plethora of time-sucking devices and applications, blockchain technology designed to monitor their progress is now in the midst of being developed.

Digital Art

For those who are budding O’Keefes and Picassos, it might be time to turn to the blockchain in order to monetize some artwork. With a startup laying out its vision for “crypto collectibles,” it seems more and more likely that the next great artist may be discovered as a result of blockchain technology.

Selling Solar Power

A new startup in Brooklyn is allowing the owners of solar panels to profit from their excess energy by selling it to others who’d like to use it. With no power company in the middle, an app allows neighbors to compensate one another by being green.

Dental Records

As we all know, there is a multitude of very important uses for dental records. Because blockchain provides a secure method of distributing data, one token is taking on the dental industry with a vengeance, promising to allow healthcare professionals to relay important information to one another.


If you aren’t in the position to take a pet into your home, think about getting your hands on some CryptoKitties! Powered by the blockchain, this game even offers virtual pet owners the opportunity to breed cats. With prices shooting up to over $100,000 for just one cat, this craze doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

Rewards Programs and Loyalty Points

For those who are sick of having to track their loyalty points with different companies, blockchain technology may offer a convenient and exciting way to keep everything in one place.